Playgirl Q

September 24, 2009

Wow! Evidently Japanese TV was much cooler in the 1970s.
Playgirl Q was like like Charlie’s Angels “with nudity and sexual content.” Nice! It was shown on TV Tokyo from 1974-1976, and actually pre-dated Charlies Angels by a few years.
Check out the funky theme tune.

Sequel to the long running Japanese TV detective drama of the 70s “Playgirl”, “Playgirl Q” featured Sawa Tamaki as a woman who sets up a private detective agency, recruiting a number of beautiful “thrill seekers”.

Fortunately, unlike the ladies’ magazine of the same name, “Playgirl” didn’t feature any naked blokes.

I Love KY

June 24, 2009

I know the Japanese are notoriously sexually liberated, but I wasn’t expecting to see signs like these in a supermarket!

Naked Drunken SMAP Guy Arrested!

April 23, 2009

I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard that skinny pop-star Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, of the aging Boy-Band SMAP, was snatched by the police last night for uncharacteristic lewd, drunken behaviour. Apparently he was found totally wasted in a park near Roppongi’s Tokyo Midtown complex, being noisy, and dancing around naked. It’s funny, because on the countless TV shows he appears in, he never does anything remotely as entertaining as this! He’s always as dull as dishwater.

Come to think of it, when an incredibly camp and effeminate unmarried 35 year old singer of winsome love songs is caught indecently exposing himself in a park at home, it’s automatically assumed to be a flamboyant way of coming out of the closet.
Kusanagi is the Japanese George Michael!
I suspect there was another naked man who escaped detection by being on his knees behind a bush when the police arrived.

Well, at least this means I won’t have to see Tsuyoshi on TV for a while (except for the news). He’s on seemingly every channel, all day, every day, you see, despite having no discernable talent or charisma. In fact, this news story is by far the most entertaining thing he’s ever done!

From the Mainichi Daily News

Ed Jacob’s Titillating “Love Hotels” Book

February 8, 2009

In a country so populous that entire families share the same bedroom and youngsters live with their parents well into their twenties, it must be quite a mammoth challenge to have a good shag in privacy. That’s why love hotels are so successful in Japan. These gaudy sex palaces, where randy couples can go for uninhibited nookie, can be easily spotted in the backstreets and roadsides of Japan, and are a source of fascination and amusement to westerners like me. To cater for this curiosity, Ed Jacob has lovingly written an entire book about the places, and the titillating tome makes for an entertaining read.

In “Love Hotels”, Jacob traces the history of the love hotel from its roots in the discreet backrooms of the tearooms and noodle shops of the Edo and Meiji Eras, before beds and lockable doors had made it to Japan (prior to the tea-rooms, people used to openly rut in parks like wild beasts. Sadly, the pesky white folks put a stop to this charming ancient custom when they arrived in their black ships and disapproved of the al-fresco action); all the way up to the hi-tech Disneyland-influenced pleasure pits of today, with their 50-inch flatscreen TVs, playstations, mind-boggling sex toys, and karaoke machines.
Ed Jacob lets us know the social context, fads and fashions of the times, and he fills us in on the hoteliers’ battles with the law, as well as prevailing Japanese attitudes to sex and romance. And there are plenty of pictures (which makes reading the book on the train difficult, as I discovered!)

One voyeuristic pleasure is the translation of the hotel guestbook comments, with thrilling confessions like “my husband doesn’t know I’m here,” “I love my 60 year old sugar daddy,” and “I’m going to to kill myself.”

Equally entertaining, are the lists of inexplicable and un-sexy love-hotel names, such as “The Hippo Doctor”, “Hello Clown”, “Penguin Town”, “Love Monster’s Room” and “Banana and Donuts”.

Ed clearly has an encyclopedic knowledge of Japanese weirdness, and can now lay claim to the dubious honour of being the English speaking world’s leading authority on love hotels.
The book is so well researched that the guy has either really done his homework, or gets laid more often than Gene Simmons.

We even learn about the poor bastards who have to clean the rooms after the guests leave.
Indeed, the love hotel business is not all fun and games, as we learn from dark news reports of prostitution, adultery, murder and blackmail.
How would you feel if you discovered a rotting corpse under the mattress you’d just made sweet love on?; or if you walked into a video shop, only to discover a DVD on the adult shelf, featuring secretly filmed footage of you shagging somebody in a love hotel? These things have actually happened. Yikes!

Nevertheless, any adventurous couple traveling to Japan should definitely add a trip to a love hotel to their “to do” list.
The most useful part of Ed’s book is the listings and reviews of love hotels, ranging from the romantic to the totally bat-shit bonkers.
Among some of the more demented destinations that I’m keen to investigate (for a laugh, honest!) are a “Hello Kitty S & M”-themed room (?!), and an entire hotel themed around Yakuza-Snowmen (which can surely be erotic for no-one but the criminally insane).

“Love Hotels” is certainly an education, even for the most jaded of Japanophiles. You might, however, need to take a shower after reading it!

You can order the book or read samples at Ed’s site, Quirky Japan.

New: Love Hotel Listings in English

September 17, 2008

Readers in Japan will know that a “love hotel” is a place that couples can visit for some discreet nookie, and pay for the room by the hour. The rooms come equipped with fun things like jacuzzis, karaoke machines, playstations, as well as all manner of weird sexual paraphenalia that you might want to make use of.
The hotels are easy to spot- they’re painted in garish colours, with flashing lights, and enormous, grinning, cartoon-character statues. It’s a wonder that people get planning permission for these jaw-dropping eyesores. They look like something out of Walt Disney’s wet dream!

In Japan, people are often inexplicably content to live with their parents until they’re about fifty, so they need a place to go if they want to get down to some hanky panky without Mum strolling in with a cup of tea. Love hotels cater for these folk. They are also havens for married men and women having illicit affairs- some rooms even have tape recorders with noises from bowling alleys that you can play in the background when you phone your spouse, so you can pretend that you’re having an innocent, after-work party at the bowling alley with your colleagues.

For such sleazy, uninhibited places, love hotels have some pretty archaic rules. Apparently, while cheating on your wife/husband is perfectly fine, being gay isn’t- same sex couples are not usually allowed in. You can’t get in on your own either, in case you decide to kill yourself. (Personally, I’d hope most people would choose a more poignant and poetic location to top themselves than a room full of dildos and Mickey Mouse wallpaper.)
Still, strange things can happen in a love hotel. I once read a story in the newspaper about a couple who found the week-old dead body of a prostitute under the mattress they had just been frolicking on. If anything’s guaranteed to kill a romantic mood, it’s discovering a rotting corpse!

Now, some considerate person has made a website in English, called Japan Love Hotels, which features a big directory of love hotels throughout Japan for the discerning customer. They even have maps in both Japanese and English. You can choose from a variety of weird, themed love hotels, with all kinds of bizarre novelty rooms (although, most people, when someone has spontaneously agreed to go to bed with them, are not going to waste time quibbling about wallpaper.)

The hotels have some unusual names, too. Here are a few listed on the site: “Hotel Mickey Cookies”, “Adventure Hotel Chapel Coconuts”, “Hotel Vanilla Resort”, “Hotel Movie Movie”, “Hotel Dolphin Resort”, “Amusement Hotel I’m”, “Hotel Tropicana “The Oh””, and the utterly insane “Hotel Magical Little Pumpkin” (pictured below.)

A personal favourite of mine is the demented chain of Christmas-themed love hotels, “Hotel Chapel Christmas”, where Christmas becomes Triple-X-mas. The owners have missed the message of Christmas by several thousand light years- at these places, it’s Christmas all year round, and you can get your rocks off surrounded by lit-up trees and leering Santa Claus statues.
Santa won’t be bringing any presents to the naughty boys and girls who get freaky in the “Hotel Chapel Christmas.” Ho ho ho! (that’s “ho” in the hip-hop sense of the word.)

Check out Japan Love Hotels here.

Sexy Corona Ads

December 12, 2007

Yowser! The people at Corona beer in Japan certainly didn’t hold back when designing their 2005 advertising campaign. The raunchy ads below, with their slogan “grind it in deeper,” seem to be likening the act of pushing a bit of lime into the bottle, to sex. Wow- I’d never made that comparison before, and I’m drooling perv.
Perhaps the pictures might be designed to inspire folks to guzzle a bottle of Corona, just to cool off.
Well, the ads succeeded in sticking in my mind but, to be honest, it wasn’t the Corona I was thinking about.

You can read more about this at

Japanese Hip-Hop Dancers

September 8, 2007

Me and a buddy went to a Japanese hip-hop club the other day, drawn in by the flyer above. Can you guess why?
I have to say, the women in this club were throwing down some eyeball-scorchingly raunchy dance-moves. Evidently they’d seen a couple of sleazy “2 Live Cru” videos on MTV and taken them way too seriously, but I wasn’t complaining. These dance-hall divas were also doing some impressive acrobatics which resembled a jaw-dropping mixture of Flashdance and the Chinese State Circus, throwing themselves all over the room, body-popping, bouncing off walls, and waving their arses in the air. The only ladies who weren’t dancing were in wheelchairs, or hobbling around on crutches, apparently injured while attempting overly-ambitious dancefloor stunts.
Luckily I had my trusty disposable camera at hand!

*Note the crutch behind the couple dirty-dancing in the last picture!