Matrix-Style Sapporo Ads

October 22, 2009

Mari at “Watashi To Tokyo” has posted some groovy Sapporo commericals from a few years ago, featuring amazingly agile and dextrous beer-drinkers, leaping about in Matrix-style slo-mo.

But when I’ve knocked back a few Sapporro, I’m more inclined to move like this guy.

Raunchy Retro Beer Ads from Japan

July 13, 2009

To get you in the mood for the summer beach season, here are some 80s beer commercials featuring sand, curvaceous ladies in bikinis, lecherous middle-aged men, and lashings of beer.

Japanese Beer Ad Girls

December 16, 2007

Japanese bars have posters of women in swim-wear drinking huge tankards of beer on the beach, thus combining three of my favourite things. These pictures, which advertise beers such as Asahi and Kirin, are very easy on the eye, so I thought I’d post a few on my blog for you to enjoy. You can see them below.
Young, attractive women are probably not the biggest target market for these breweries’ ads, but posters featuring lecherous, nicotine-stained businessmen vomiting into the gutter wouldn’t be to great for sales.