Hilarious T-Shirts from T-Shitsu

July 12, 2011

Rainy season is officially over, and it’s time for me to stock up on some new threads to sweat all over during the “super cool biz” summer. I thought I’d check out T-shitsu, who always have lots of specially-designed T-shirts with funny Japan-themed prints.

There are lots of rib-tickling T-shirts on there as usual! (by which I don’t mean they literally tickle your ribs. I mean they’re side-splitting… and they don’t actually split down the side. I mean they’re hilarious). Here are some of their latest offerings:

This one made me laugh out loud:

…and here’s a drunk-themed one, well-suited for readers of this site:

T-Shitsu T-shirts are all cheap, at less than 3000yen, and the site’s all in English.

Here’s a quote from the site, about their noble goal of bringing people together through the power of wacky T-shirts:

This site is not just about T-shirts.
Its about sparking conversations, merging cultures, breaking down barriers and generally enhancing our fun-loving foreign community in this awesome country.
If our merchandise spreads further then these Japanese shores, so be it.
Put plainly, for one person to say, ‘Woah… where did you get that T-shirt?!’ makes us (and you) happy. Simple.

Check out more T-shirts here.