Little in Japan: Dead Sensei Society

November 26, 2012


There’s another new comic on Little In Japan. This time, Dave’s mundane existence in Japan gets a little bit shittier than usual.
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Little in Japan: Up with the Cock

October 4, 2011

I’ve just posted another comic strip up on my other site, Little in Japan. These will be more frequent now that the beach bars, beer gardens, and outdoor festivals are over for another year.

This time, more domestic disputes and hangovers.

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Little in Japan: New Room-mate

July 14, 2011

I’ve finally put a new comic strip up on my other site, Little in Japan, after tons of slacking, procrastination, dealing with a high-maintenance woman, boozing, and hob-nobbing at parties.

This time the disaster-prone, insecure English teacher, Dave, is horrified to discover he’s getting a new, young room-mate.

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Little In Japan: The perils of meeting other gaijin on trains

February 2, 2011

Hello! Here’s another comic strip from Little in Japan.

This time it’s about the awkwardness of bumping into other gaijin on the train.

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