Fish Beer? Oh God, No!

December 8, 2008

I’ve heard of drinking like a fish, but this is ridiculous.

A microbrewery in Konan City in Kochi, Japan has recently celebrated their first 10 years in business by concocting “Tosa Kuroshio Karyudo Beer,” a lager which contains dashi, the fish stock that they use to make miso soup.
Pass the sick bucket, please!


I once accidentally put a sachet of dashi in my coffee, mistaking it for sugar. It tasted truly grotesque, so I’m sceptical of this fish beer. But if you want some and you’re in Japan, call the brewer, Tosa Kuroshio Bakshu, on 0887554111. For about 3000 yen they are selling six-packs of their various beers, including two fish beers.
Oh well, it sounds truly repulsive, but I might try a bottle, just for the halibut.

Found at Japan Marketing News

Drinking Pig Afterbirth Keeps You Young. Yum Yum!

April 2, 2008

The Japanese are obsessed with remaining youthful (as we can see from the legions of grown men sitting on trains, wearing Donald Duck T-shirts and reading comics or playing Nintendo DS games.)

The shops are full of beauty products which promise to help buyers retain their good looks.
According to Invertorspot, ladies these days will stop at nothing to preserve their unblemished skin. The successful “Q-Bit” range of beauty products, made by Nihon Sofuken, even has piggy placenta as its active ingredient. Q-Bit can be purchased as a face-pack, a drink, or supplement pills. Ever wondered why the Japanese always look so young? People are frantically rubbing swine-afterbirth on their faces, or guzzling it down like there’s no tomorrow.

Worried about drinking the liquidized placenta of Porky Pig? Don’t worry- it’s peach flavoured!