Wine Noodles

October 22, 2008

In Japan, alcohol and ramen noodles are inextricably linked. After hitting the pubs, Japanese salarymen stumble into a ramen shop for a bowl of steaming noodles to suck up the booze in their bellies. The Japanese equivalent of the kebab.
Now those piss-heads can rejoice- a company in Hokkaido has made instant noodles mixed with wine, allowing the wino businessmen to kill two birds with one stone. Tokachi Niitsu Seimen company has joined up with the local Tokappu wine makers, to mix instant ramen with white wine.

It sounds unnervingly like something that might be spewed out of a drunken businessman on a Friday night, but I suppose it has potential as a hangover cure – noodles combined with “hair of the dog.”

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