Japanese tuna commercial from 78 (Star Wars rip-off!)

January 19, 2010

I wonder if George Lucas knew about this 1978 Japanese ad for “sea chicken” (tuna fish). I somehow doubt it!

Pepsi and Coke Compete to Make the Weirdest Drink

June 24, 2009

The Coca Cola company seem to be taking a leaf out of the Kit Kat makers’ book, and have recently released an oddball new variety of their product. “Coca Cola Plus Green Tea” is their latest fizzy pop, which is essentially green tea-flavoured Diet Coke. I tried some of the concoction last week, and I can tell you that it tastes exactly like… Diet Coke. You can barely taste the green tea at all!

It’s not a bad beverage, but Coca Cola are going to have to pull their socks up if they want to compete with Pepsi in the weirdness stakes. A couple of years ago, Pepsi released a cucumber-flavoured drink, which was more tasty than it sounds, and last year they came out with the surprisingly inoffensive “Yoghurt Pepsi.”

This summer they have just unveiled the exotic-sounding “Pepsi Shiso”. Shiso is the Japanese name for perilla, a minty herb, also known as beefsteak plant. The Japanese often eat it with sashimi or salad.

I just tried some Pepsi Shiso. While it might be refreshing on a humid summer’s day, there’s no escaping the fact that it tastes like mouthwash.

I Heart Crap

April 13, 2009

Nice bag, missus!

Japanese Bikini Trombonists

December 18, 2008

Just my luck- I wait all my life for a band of bikini-clad trombone players, and when I finally discover one I find out they broke up last month. Tsk!

“Futomomo Satisfaction” featured three female trombonists in bikinis,
performing covers of The Ramones, The Rolling Stones and Buggles, alongside original tunes. The three fetching girls, Jackie, Suzuyakko, and Lumiere, certainly put the “bone” in “trombone,” if you catch my drift.

The girls described themselves on their Myspace Page thus:

Futomomo Satisfaction is a Japanese bikini Trombone gal band.
This revolutional icon in Japanese indies, will inevitably fascinate you!

Indeed. This is the exact kind of inspired, uncynical silliness and lack of regard for convention that keeps me living in Japan. Here are some videos of their shows.

Here’s a link to the Futomomo Satisfaction website.

Boy George’s Bizarre Chu-Hai Commericals

December 14, 2008

Ever wondered what Boy George got up to in those wilderness years between between releasing “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me” and being arrested for handcuffing and whipping a Norweigan male prostitute?

He was in Japan (where the androgynous man is king) and appearing in these odd-ball commericals for Takara Chu-Hai (which is apparently laced with LSD, if the commercials are anything to go by!)
I somehow doubt that Takara will be asking him back for their next advertising campaign. Not because of the rent-boy scandal, but because he got fat.

Fish Beer? Oh God, No!

December 8, 2008

I’ve heard of drinking like a fish, but this is ridiculous.

A microbrewery in Konan City in Kochi, Japan has recently celebrated their first 10 years in business by concocting “Tosa Kuroshio Karyudo Beer,” a lager which contains dashi, the fish stock that they use to make miso soup.
Pass the sick bucket, please!


I once accidentally put a sachet of dashi in my coffee, mistaking it for sugar. It tasted truly grotesque, so I’m sceptical of this fish beer. But if you want some and you’re in Japan, call the brewer, Tosa Kuroshio Bakshu, on 0887554111. For about 3000 yen they are selling six-packs of their various beers, including two fish beers.
Oh well, it sounds truly repulsive, but I might try a bottle, just for the halibut.

Found at Japan Marketing News

Worst Place for a Christmas Party

December 3, 2008

Looking for a charming and festive venue for your office Christmas party?

Or perhaps a romantic spot to have a candle-lit dinner with a loved one on Christmas eve?

Or maybe you want to find a warm and welcoming haven to share the holiday season with your family?