Rock Bar “F*ck Yeah!”

September 11, 2008

You can get away with some great bar names in Japan, such as “Rock Bar Fuck Yeah!” in Yokosuka city, a name which would make outraged old biddies run screaming to the nearest police station at home. “Fuck Yeah!” is an ass-kicking rock n’ roll bar, which plays loud music and has a mix of Japanese and foreign customers. The walls are decorated with classic record sleeves, and skulls and cross-bones. You can get draught Guiness and Sapporro, fish and chips and various pizzas.

I suspect the close proximity to a huge US military base has something to do with the name of the place. It probably also led to the following list of rules, from the bar’s website:

1. No drink No stay.
2. No food and drink brought in.
3. No fighting No breaking shit.
4. No puking.
5. No jacking off.

Rock n’ Roll!

Address: Rock Bar Fuck Yeah!
Central Hotel B1F, 2-8 Wakamatsu-cho, Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan 〒238-0007
Tel: 046-827-8696
“Rock Bar Fuck Yeah!” Homepage (with a map in English).
Happy hour is from 6pm-9pm

Here are directions how to get there, from Asaboo:

It’s located very close to Yokosuka Chuo station. After exiting the ticket gates at the station, go down the stairs on your left. Then you see a small, short, narrow street with a pachinko, yakitori and a ramen shop. Walk through that street and you hit Yokosuka Central Hotel. Go down the alleyway on the right, and you’ll see a sign with a skull on it, with the words “Fuck Yeah! Rock Bar”. Follow the sign.